Last Updated:   Jan / 02 / 2016

ChromoCraft -- 3D Tower Defense Game

© 2012 Aaron Vose and Paul Giblock

Download the current version with source code here:
(Current version may be on GitHub: )


Currently, this is an uncompleted 3D tower defense game. I say the current version is in a pre-alpha state, as it it not currently playable: tower positions are random, towers are not interactive, and the waves of enemies are simplistic. This is inspired by the GemCraft series of TD games; I wanted to have a gem-based system that made gems with mixed colors have uniqe properties based on the color, rather than a simple mix of the component colors' general effects. Some features are listed below.

  • ChromoCraft is a 3D game with OpenGL rendering utilizing textures, translucence, and lighting.

  • The environment / terrain is specified by heightmaps in the common bitmap format.

  • There is a soundtrack composed by Daniel Vose as well as sound effects for the death and tower fire events.